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Thankful for Silver Star Service Center

In this year marred by Coronavirus, there will be many big things to give thanks for…our families, our work, and our safety. We also want to thank you, our valued and appreciated customers! But we can also give thanks for the little things, like an automobile that is safe and reliable, thanks to the fantastic team at Silver Star Service Center, Inc.


Silver Star Service Center, Inc. services all late-model to classic Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Saab, and Jaguar vehicles.

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Don’t FALL for unplanned car expenses!

Leaves and other tree debris collecting on your vehicle can “leaf” you with expensive car repairs. There are many water drains built into your vehicle that are easily seen and also well hidden, as this tree material collects and breaks apart it will slowly clog these passages which will in turn create blockages and allow water to flow to your cars interior.

Once in the vehicle, leaves can get to many places where sensitive electronics are stored behind panels and under the carpet on the floorboard. On average, we see these repairs range from $1,000 up to the point an insurance company could total the car. So, take the time to clean the leaves off your car regularly to avoid an unexpected repair! As part of our service commitment to you, we clean these collection points as part of our comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure.


Silver Star Service Center, Inc. services all late-model [...]

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