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Why wait in line at the DMV?

Tag and Title Service of Maryland is a family-owned and operated business located conveniently in Edgewater, MD. We are fully trained and licensed to process tag registration and many other services on behalf of the MVA. Customer service is what we do! In-person, delivery and mail options are available to meet your needs with your schedule in mind. Don’t wait in line at the MVA! Call us today at 833.824.6363

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Beth Caro portrait I grew up in our family automotive business, Silver Star Service Center, Inc., founded 30 years ago by my father, Joe Hall.  I proposed to my Father that we should open a tag and title agency to serve local businesses and individuals. Since opening in 2015, we have helped many with their Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) needs. In addition to providing numerous services, we have helped them avoid a time-consuming trip to the DMV.

Whether you grew up in Maryland and you’ve worked here for years (like me), or you’re just moving to town, we make getting on the road quick, easy, and completely painless. There’s no need to go to the DMV; we are fully trained and licensed to handle all your tag, registration, and titling needs. We can issue new permanent registration & shiny new tags for your newly purchased vehicle. Get your license plates for your motorcycle, register your boat with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), help with Maryland State Inspections, new trailer tags, and more. And you won’t spend a single minute chasing down paperwork, waiting on hold listening to terrible elevator music or tapping your foot, waiting for your number to be called at the DMV.

Come in to meet our fabulous team!  We can help you return your MD license plates, obtain a same-day duplicate title, transfer a title to a new owner, and we can even help remove flags and fines from your DMV record.

You’ll be in and out in, and off to your next adventure.

Look forward to meeting you & Remember to #DriveOn!

Best Regards,
Beth Hall

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In order to simplify your service experience, we offer several Convenience Services designed to help you save time and effort while your vehicle is with us.

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