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A lot can happen in a year to a vehicle—that is why we recommend at a minimum our annual Oil Change 23-point Inspection Service. This service provides so much more than simply replacing your oil and filter. Our service includes:


  1. Replace engine oil and engine oil filter
  2. Add fuel injector treatment
  3. Test Main, Starter, and Auxiliary battery condition using tester
  4. Inspect brake fluid level and correct as needed
  5. Inspect front and rear brake pad thickness
  6. Visually inspect brake hoses and lines
  7. Inspect condition of hoses
  8. Inspect condition of fan belt
  9. Inspect tire wear condition and rotate as needed
  10. Check and adjust tire pressure
  11. Check spare tire inflation
  12. Check coolant level and correct as needed
  13. Check coolant freeze point protection level
  14. Inspect exterior lights for proper illumination
  15. Inspect wipers for proper cleaning
  16. Check washers for proper operation and add fluid as needed
  17. Check windshield cowl; drain and clean as needed
  18. Check power steering fluid level and add as needed
  19. Check transmission fluid level if available by dipstick
  20. Check suspension ball joints and bushings
  21. Check hood release and hood support struts
  22. Reset service reminders indicator
  23. Reset tire pressure monitoring system if needed

Along with this service (as with all of our services), we offer a complimentary car wash and vacuum.


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Factory Scheduled Services

The oil change & periodic filter replacement are only a small part of our factory scheduled services. You will receive thorough inspections by our highly qualified technicians, ensuring your vehicle is in safe and reliable condition between service intervals.

Silver Star Service Center, Inc.

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

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We service the full range of model years of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, & Tesla

Ever wonder if the Silver Star Service Center, Inc. services your year and model of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, or Tesla? Yes, we do! Whether you have a modern vehicle or a classic, we provide personalized customer care for the lifetime of your vehicle. This includes hybrid and electric vehicles. So, if you are adding a new vehicle to your classic car collection or replacing your outdated vehicle with a late model automobile, we want to remain your Service Center of choice.

Convenience Services

In order to simplify your service experience, we offer several Convenience Services designed to help you save time and effort while your vehicle is with us.

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