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Free car wash & vacuum included as a service our valued customers

Hopefully, by now, Silver Star Service Center, Inc. has shown you that we do our best to accommodate your needs beyond basic vehicle maintenance with our many convenience services. We also want to make sure you are well taken care of throughout your experience with our Service Center. As part of our above-and-beyond vision for our customers, we wash your car and vacuum out the front floors as a complementary service to our customers—weather permitting—as a routine part of your service visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to make a Service Appointment?

You can easily request a service appointment using our Service Appointment Form.

Need our Courtesy Shuttle Service?

Call your Service Advisor today at (410) 263-7444 to make complementary arrangements for your Courtesy Shuttle Service.

Need an after-hours vehicle pick up?

Call your Service Advisor today at (410) 263-7444 to make After-Hours Vehicle Pick Up arrangements.

Questions about our Early Bird/Night Owl Drop Off System?

Call your Service Advisor today at (410) 263-7444 to find out more about our Early Bird/Night Owl Drop Off System.

Service While You Wait

 Have questions about our customer waiting room? Call your Service Advisor today at (410) 263-7444 to find out more.

Need more information on our service history/maintenance records service?

Call your Service Advisor today at(410) 263-7444 to find out about our service to maintain your automobile's service history.

Need Tag & Title Services?

Think you have a tricky vehicle situation? We don't think so! At our auto tag agency, we have a combined over 36 years of licensed DMV experience, and we can handle it all. Don’t wait in line at the MVA, contact our Tag & Title Service of Maryland representative today.

Questions about our complimentary car wash & vacuum service?

Call your Service Advisor today at(410) 263-7444 to find out more about our complimentary car wash & vacuum service?

Need a 24-hour towing service to bring your car in for service?

To provide you with the best possible service, we have arranged a convenient towing service for our customers.  Call Catlett's 24-Hour Towing Service at 410-956-2466 or email them at [email protected] We will apply the towing charges to your Service Invoice to save you the trouble of paying two different bills.


New Customers Receive Up To 10% Off

New customers receive 10% off up to $250.00 on their first visit. The New Customer Discount applies to repairs only & cannot be combined with other offers.

Coupon not necessary for New Customer Discount

Factory Scheduled Services

The oil change & periodic filter replacement are only a small part of our factory scheduled services. You will receive thorough inspections by our highly qualified technicians, ensuring your vehicle is in safe and reliable condition between service intervals.

Silver Star Service Center, Inc.

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

All Years Serviced

We service the full range of model years of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, & Saab

Ever wonder if the Silver Star Service Center, Inc. services your year and model of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, or Saab? Yes, we do! Whether you have a modern vehicle or a classic, we provide personalized customer care for the lifetime of your vehicle. This includes hybrid and electric vehicles. So, if you are adding a new vehicle to your classic car collection or replacing your outdated vehicle with a late model automobile, we want to remain your Service Center of choice.

Convenience Services

In order to simplify your service experience, we offer several Convenience Services designed to help you save time and effort while your vehicle is with us.

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