Got a Tire Bubble?

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Got a Tire Bubble?

After running over an object on the road or going through a pothole you should monitor your tires for tell-tale signs of damage. If you don’t have a blow out, there may still be underlying damage which might take some time to be observable.

A bubble in the sidewall of the tire (known as a “Tire Bubble”) is an indicator that the tire’s support structure has failed. This requires replacing the tire. Once damage is noticed it should be addressed as soon as possible. Likewise, if you damage one tire, check the other tire on the same side of the car closely, typically both wheels hit the object. Also remember, the inner sidewall of the tire can have the same issue but go unnoticed since it is out of view. Again, closely monitor your tires after possible damage and have your service center check if you have any indications of damage.

In the example shown, bubbles such as these can either show immediately or take weeks to develop and they pose a serious safety hazard. The best practice after such an event is to inspect for this regularly, while fueling your vehicle you can do a simple walk around inspection checking for signs of damage, if you are in doubt or have questions one of Silver Star’s team will be happy to take a look with you! Silver Star Service Center Inc. will also closely monitor for tire wear and damage like this during safety inspections and regular maintenance.


Silver Star Service Center, Inc. services all late-model to classic Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, and Jaguar vehicles.


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Early Bird/Night Owl Drop-Off System

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A convenient drop-off system: We all have busy schedules, so as a convenience to our customers, we offer an early-morning and after-hours drop-off service. We have a well-lighted front lot with a secure key drop system, located in front of our building. Questions about our early-morning and after-hours drop-off system? Call your Service Manager today at (410) 263-7444 so we can answer any...
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Silver Star Service Center courtesy shuttle service

We provide you with a Courtesy Shuttle Service

Need assistance dropping off or picking up your car? Our courtesy shuttle service will take you home, to work, or to the mall while your car is being serviced within a 10-mile radius of the shop. We’ll also pick you up when your car is ready. Live or work further than 10 Miles Away? We will arrange an Uber or Lyft for you!   Need our courtesy shuttle service? Call your Service Advisor today...

Convenience Services

In order to simplify your service experience, we offer several Convenience Services designed to help you save time and effort while your vehicle is with us.

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