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 You will receive thorough inspections by our highly qualified technicians, ensuring your vehicle is in safe and reliable condition between service intervals.

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Servicing Mercedes-Benz, BMW, tesla & Jaguar

Servicing European Automobiles in Annapolis, Maryland & the surrounding Chesapeake Bay area

Over 70,000 service tickets written Welcome to Silver Star Service Center, Inc.! We specialize in the repair and maintenance of European automobiles, specifically Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, and Jaguar vehicles.

Our second-generation family-owned business has been serving Annapolis, Maryland & the surrounding Chesapeake Bay area for over 30 years!  

In addition to creating a personal and friendly atmosphere, we do our best to accommodate your needs. Please look over our convenience services and don’t hesitate to ask if you have a special need. Silver Star can perform all your car service and repair, review our maintenance services and ask about any specifics you need help with. Our cosmetic services will help keep your vehicle in showroom condition with an eye to detail.

Our mission is to offer you the best service at a fair competitive price, with integrity and honesty.


Silver Star Service Center is pleased to announce maintenance and repairs for Tesla vehicles. When your vehicle’s reliability is just as important as its range you can count on Silver Star to keep you mobile.

Just as ICE vehicles require maintenance to keep them running reliably, an electric vehicle (EV) has regular maintenance requirements. Understanding these requirements and how they can affect your vehicle’s range is important to get the most out of your investment.  Regular annual inspections of key safety items give you the peace of mind that you’re traveling in a road-worthy vehicle.



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Factory Scheduled Services

The oil change & periodic filter replacement are only a small part of our factory scheduled services. You will receive thorough inspections by our highly qualified technicians, ensuring your vehicle is in safe and reliable condition between service intervals.

Silver Star Service Center, Inc.

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled Services


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They took good care of my aging BMW dreamboats. Even tracked down European parts suppliers. Kept me informed of progress all along. Quality workmanship.
I ABSOLUTELY understand how they have almost five stars. I brought in a 1990 350SDL with a turbo that wasn't building boost. I was told $250ish for diagnosis and that's perfectly fair... People should be paid for their expertise.Turned out to basically be what I thought it was, waste gate was stuck open and an easy fix.What I didn't realize was that that diagnosis fee also included a thorough inspection of my old Benz. And I now have a list of all the things that need my attention over the next few months.100% recommend
Great customer service..would recommend him to anyone. Every car me and my sons have took, he has fixed..chip is a very honest man and I'm thankful for what he does..
Excellent, Superb, Honest, Knowledgeable, Professional, Reliable…the very best for automotive services…that is why I have been going to Silver Star for over 10+ years. I feel so confident in knowing that I get the best services and prices from Silver Star. I always rely on Joseph and his team that are highly skilled, responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Just to know you can always count on Joseph and his team to be honest and trustworthy is worth everything and I greatly appreciate it more than I can say! My husband has been in the car business for over 45 years and he feels so confident in having our Mercedes serviced and checked at Silver Star for the very best price! Bravo and many thanks to Joseph and his team!!!
Excellent, Superb, Honest, Knowledgeable, Professional, Reliable...the very best for automotive services...that is why I have been going to Silver Star for...
Silver Star is attentive and thorough. We found them when others couldn't figure out how to fix AC in our mercedes. I wish they would work on my FORD FLEX!
This place was great- I can not say enough how wonderful the service was, how communicative they were, and how they worked with me to get all my car’s issues resolved to get my new car registered in time. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Mrs. Borden, Thank you for the kind words! We are happy we could assist in getting your BMW i3 sorted out and back to you sooner than expected. Thank you again and please let us know if we can be any further help!
I trust Silver Star Service Center with all the necessary auto repairs on my 2003 BMW 530i. Recently my engine overheated and a new water pump was...
I have never felt compelled to leave a positive review for any business before going to Silver Star Service Center. Very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly staff that goes above and beyond to take care of the customer. I will be coming back for all my future service needs!
Response from the owner: Mr. Myers, thank you for the positive feedback! We look forward to helping you take great care of your M3!
Fantastic customer service, excellent communication, quick turnaround. Looking forward to using again...and the shuttle service!
Response from the owner: Mr. Riley, thank you for the positive review! We appreciate you allowing us an opportunity to take care of your X5. We look forward to assisting with any future needs with your BMW and also your Tesla. Thank you again!
Love this place. Honest and dependable service every time.
Response from the owner: Mr. Sos, Thank you for the positive feedback! We greatly appreciate you sharing this. As many now know we are not only servicing Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar we have included Tesla vehicles to aid owners with proper care and maintenance. There is very little known and shared about the requirements to keep these vehicles safely on the road, our goal is to solve this.
Very knowledgeable
Response from the owner: John, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review for us. We are always striving to be a reliable resource for our customers regarding any questions or concerns related to their vehicles.
5 stars for this service center!! We had a malfunctioning Xenon headlamp control unit on our 2011 BMW X3. Service Manager Joseph Hall went out of his way to get us in for diagnostics the next day. The malfunctioning part, which another service facility told us would take two weeks to acquire, was ordered and installed the very next day. We plan to have all future service on our X3 done at Silverstar, conveniently located in Edgewater!!
Response from the owner: Scott, thank you for the review! I'm glad we were able to get this handled and the car safely operating again, especially with the winter months ahead. We look forward to assisting with any further needs!
The service is the best
Response from the owner: Mr. Dyson, thank you for the positive review! We appreciate you continued loyalty to our service center and look forward to addressing your needs in the future.
Excellent Service and great people to work with.
Response from the owner: Thank you Walt! We value your patronage and appreciate your support!
Today was my first time visiting and the group has certainly earned my trust. I went in to have a key programmed, which they did for a fair price. (I purchased the cut key and remote unit from and asked another operation to program it---but they declined and seemed offended at the notion of programming a key which they had not ordered through their own shop.) When I made the same request of Silver Star, Joseph discussed with me the reasons to be careful about ordering keys and remote units online, and even went the extra mile to visit the site I was making the purchase from in order to ensure that I would be getting what I needed. Moving on...while on my way to the appointment, the Saab lost power suddenly and I had to do some special maneuvering to get it all the way to the shop. I explained the situation to Walt and he got right on it. It took a little while, but the shop diagnosed the problem -- limp home mode -- made the repair, and fully explained what that mode meant now, and what it might mean eventually. Walt and company also took the initiative to give the Saab a courtesy check-up -- tire pressure levels, fluids and such -- and to make some recommendations about upkeep moving forward. Ultimately, I walked away with a programmed key and the Saab running nicely. The final fee was reasonable and I believe that Silver Star is dedicated to provided excellent, honest service. They've won my confidence--and future business.
Response from the owner: Mrs. Smith, thank you for the kind remarks and detailed account of the service we have provided. We are definitely committed to providing top notch customer service! Thank you again!
I have a 2003 330xi and had them replace my front passenger side CV boot in 2018. The metal clips that hold the boot in place and keep dirt and debris out came off a few time and I had to keep taking it back to get them to secure it. After a while it was a waste of time when they we not able to get it to stay. 3.5 years later the boot is already torn and needs to be replaced. I can tell its been like this for a while based on the amount of grease and dirt around when the boot is torn. Of course they only have a 1 year warranty on their parts and labor. For an expensive repair that is common on these cars I would expect a better part to last longer.UPDATE - Joseph reach out to me and offered me the opportunity to bring it in for them to check out the problem and replace the part under warranty. When I picked up the car he took his time talking to me about the issue showing me pictures he took of the part and why it could have happened. He even took his time reading my codes because my check engine light was on. They have won me back as a customer and I appreciate their service. I also appreciate the quick turnaround time. I dropped the vehicle off and it was ready a few hours later.
Response from the owner: Mr. Weddell, I have tried calling to discuss this concern and what we can do to help resolve it. I understand the frustration and certainly expect to have every repair completed properly the first time. Please call me at 410-263-7444 so we can get this addressed. Thank you, Joseph HallMr. Weddell, thank you for taking the time to let us review what had occurred and make sure the issue was resolved. We look forward to taking care of your vehicle in the future!
Good knowledgeable service. This place is invaluable to keep BMW’s and Mercedes on the road past the initial 3-4 years after purchase. This is where I’d take ANY used BMW/Merc for a pre-purchase inspection. These guys know where to look, what the problems areas are, and don’t try to run up a bill. Go to place.
Response from the owner: Robert, Thank you for your 5-star rating and we are glad you noted our dedication to BMW and Mercedes vehicles and their care. We appreciated the opportunity to work with you and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again for the review.
TJ was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
Response from the owner: Hi Duke, Thank you for your 5-Star Review and comments about our technician—we pride ourselves on our our technicians & staff being star performers. We are pleased that you were satisfied by your service and we look forward to working with you in the future.
My first experience with silver star has been a positive one. Joseph was knowledgeable and helpful when discussing past maintenance and future work on my vehicle. Will be my main mechanic from now on.
Response from the owner: Jim, Thank you for your 5-star rating. We are all pleased that your experience was wonderful and for your kind comments about our teammates. We look forward to working with you for years to come.
I have a 1990 Saab turbo. How do you find a place to competently work on it?How about a shop that only works on four brands with Saab being one of them.They put in many hours working on a steering problem but charged for about half of them.To boot, they then gave me their, first time customer, 10 percent discount without me asking for it.I'll go back.
Response from the owner: Eric, we agree that it is hard to find shops that work on Saabs, but we are glad you found us. Saab is a passion for us and at a time when fewer shops specialize in them, we look forward to providing expert service and repair. Thank you for your 5-star review and we look forward to your next visit.
Joseph and his team deserve 5+ stars all around. This place is so underrated for what they do. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced in any shop I have been to and they provide true value for the superior service every single time. They are pretty much a one stop shop for virtually all your car needs including getting your car registration and driver's license next door. I am picky about who works on my BMWs and Joseph and his team are always available to provide me with advice when I need it. His team takes care of both of my BMWs (one of which has high-end modifications and is of sentimental value to me) and provides the utmost care (plus washes the car after each service!). This team is knowledgeable, trustworthy, conscientious and also goes above and beyond to solve a problem. Whether you talk to Joseph, Walt or any team member, they are super helpful and nice. I would also deem this shop as female friendly. I never feel disrespected or "talked down to" because I'm a female who asks questions about her cars. I would not want to take my BMWs anywhere else in the Annapolis area. You will always get the best from Joseph and his team.
Response from the owner: Mindi, Thank you for the touching review. We aim to always be helpful, professional, and willing to discuss and answer questions for all of our customers. Thank you again and we look forward to taking care of your BMWs for years to come!
Silver Star is my trusted and reliable auto service shop in Annapolis. Their expertise in German cars translates into confidence they can solve any problem on my '03 BMW 530i (E39). Joseph and Walt provide courteous and respectful customer service and Silver Star mechanics do an expert job diagnosing and repairing problems. Importantly, they work expeditiously and offer great value vs. dealership or other repair shops. I heartily recommend Silver Star for your automotive repairs.
Response from the owner: Peter, On behalf of Walt and all of us at the Silver Star Service Center, thank you for your five-star review. Yes, we absolutely love working on BMW 5-series automobiles and our focus on BMW (and a few other other European makes) helps us both accurately diagnose and repair these wonderful vehicles. But equally important to us, are owners like you, who pride themselves on their vehicles and their maintenance that bring added pleasure to our work...owners who care have cars that run a lifetime. We look forward to working with you in the future and thank you again for your review and business.
I was actually conducting business at the Tag of MD, Tag & Title place. They give prompt quality service, very friendly, and always have appointments. They also provide Tag and Title services for DC as well as MD! Take your business there because they are Grrreat!
Response from the owner: Thank you Shawn for your review. We appreciate your business at our tag agency. If you need help with vehicle title and registration in the future, you know who to call! Drive safe and have a great summer season. The Tag of MD Team
No-frills service shop that performs solid work and fair estimates for most European makes, to include Mercedes. They also provide a level communication to earn your trust and businesses. I will return for future maintenance.
Response from the owner: Joell, we want to thank you for the 5-star review you provided us on Google and welcome to our service center! It means a lot to us that you took the time to provide us this feedback. We make sure to communicate well with our clients—you and your automobile are our top priority. We look forward to working with you in the future and do not hesitate to call upon at any time.
I have my Mercedes services by Silver Star but this time they went well beyond their normal stellar service! I was traveling South on I95 heading to Texas...
They have extremely good customer service. Always happy to help. They specialize in mercedes, bmw,jaguar,and shop in annapolis for these kinds of cars. Prices are decent too.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the great comments and the 5-star review. We enjoy working with you and kind words like yours really give our team a lift. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on your next service visit.
Walt and the crew at Silver Star have been taking care of our BMW X5 for a number of years now. Great service and you can't beat their pricing! Our car is always well taken care of. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: John, Thank you for the excellent 5-star review. We take pride in providing great service at a fair price, Thank you, Walt and the Silver Star Team.
Joseph and his team knocked it out of the park. Many shops won’t even touch an older high mileage AMG. These guys are real Mercedes enthusiasts and it shows. The AMG 65 drives like new. Big shout out to the technician as well as who ever washed it because it looked great when we picked it up.
Response from the owner: Jeff,Thank you for your feedback, and yes, we are passionate about Mercedes Benz, and we are pleased that you are too. These kind words are especially meaningful to Wayne and Frank who serviced and washed your car. We look forward to working with you in the future, and again, thank you for your comments. It was a pleasure working with you. Joseph
High Level of Expertise!! Honest!!! Excellent service & communication!!!
Response from the owner: Wow Andre, thank you! What a great review. We strive for excellence in all we do and are thrilled you appreciate our service.
I must say not only was the service done right but the price was on point. This was my 1st experience with Silver Star but it won't be my last. Thanks Mr. Hall to you and your team
Response from the owner: Thank you Ronald for the positive feedback, it means a lot to us.
I will never ever go anywhere else!!!I’ve had 4 Mercedes and have been a customer for almost 20years and have moved out of state and tried other service centers that have failed miserably and silverstar came to my rescue each time with impeccable honesty and quality workmanship. Finding trustworthy car service (especially as a female) is rare and I hope Joseph trains his son to continue on with this exceptional family business 😊
Response from the owner: Tracy, Thank you for the kind words and years of loyalty. Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Service are very important to us. Thank you for recognizing our commitment to this!
Absolutely the best MVA service I have ever received!!! Very knowledgeable staff, friendly, and patient.
Response from the owner: Wow, thank you Dan for the positive feedback! Our goal is to be exceptional everyday to every customer...and are so very thankful for our fabulous customers!
Silver Star really helped me out in a pinch when I drove my Mazda in with a low tire pressure warning. Without hesitation they took my car in, removed the screw, plugged the hole, all in less than an hour for an incredibly low price. Total professionals, clean office, lovely waiting room - I was even offered a beverage. I could not have been more impressed especially since I don't have the kind of car they specialize in. A great experience if you ever need service!
Response from the owner: Mrs. Wright, thank you for taking the time to post this review. We are glad we could help out and get you back on the road!
These folks are the epitome of professional, courteous knowledgeable experts. They helped me so much with tire replacement for my vehicle. I was a first time customer and they were so fantastic in every way possible. Made a challenging process stress free. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Response from the owner: Mr. Smith, thank you for posting this review for us. Stress free vehicle ownership is what we aim to help with! We look forward to assisting with any future maintenance and repair needs for your Mercedes.
The folks at Silverstar are respectful, prompt, and knowledgeable. They got my 2007 E550 quickly back on the road after replacing the front air suspension and pump when the system called it quits. I will be going to them again the next time the Benz needs servicing.
Response from the owner: Mr. Shteynbuk, thank you for the 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you and your E-class the next time we are needed!
This is probably the most reliable and customer oriented service business that Ive ever been too. I only bring my car here because I know I can trust that...
Great repair shop! They have made several repairs for me which I feel were very well priced. They will also drop you off and pick you up!
Response from the owner: Mr. Dickie, thank you for the positive review. We have taken care of your Mercedes-Benz for 4 years now and greatly appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in our service center!
Great service and intentionally inviting! They listen and have INTEGRITY. Prices are fair and reasonable for highly competent work. I highly recommend. Joseph is top notch in service dept.
Response from the owner: Mr. Kelley, thank you for the great review. We look forward to helping you maintain your vehicle for years to come!
This place is awesome! Honest, reliable service with attention to detail and a great customer experience.
Response from the owner: Scott, thank you for taking the time to post this review. Your trust in our service center for both of your vehicles is greatly appreciated!
Great customer service!
Response from the owner: Mrs. Shaw, Thank you for the positive review!
I first dealt with silver star service center after buying a used Mercedes from them and enjoying it for about 3 years. The car started leaking oil at the...
Walter helped me solve a problem the dealer gave me the run around on for over a year. When I showed up at SS and met Walter and discussed the problem it...
Finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic is a task in itself. Silver Star was recommended by a friend, so I tried them out. I cant say enough about how I...

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